Two Magnets : Worker’s morning Blues [CLIP]

Two Magnets : Worker’s morning Blues [CLIP]

Le duo Strasbourgeois de Folk Blues Two Magnets (Sophie Steff & David Bour) a sorti via une première YouTube le 27 avril 2023, le clip illustrant le single Worker’s morning Blues.

Entre satire douce-amère et humour caustique, ce nouveau titre aux sonorités Blues et Country rend hommage aux travailleurs qui ne savent plus trop s’ils travaillent pour vivre ou s’ils vivent pour travailler.

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Paroles de Worker’s morning Blues :

Woke up this morning and felt the blues to hide

Thought ‘bout the things I have inside

Turned on the radio and didn’t like the flow

Always the same old thing, the same bullshit to show


Work! Work! Work! And you’ll be free my beau

Now go! Go! Go! There’ll be a break you know

You need money to consume, so consume your money

You need to keep some to give love to your honey


Today you’ll succeed in your life

Your country will thank you and so will your wife

Today you’re making good business and you’ll find, find your happiness


Jumped into a train full of shadows

Travelling the city and watching through the windows

Together but alone cause we knew from the start

Those directions will make us fall apart


Strive, Sweat, Tend, I write for you my beau

Now go! Go! Go! The times have changed you know

Money to consume, so consume your money

You failed to keep some cause the promise wasn’t true


Today you question your life

Your country and maybe your wife

Today you got nothing to lose

You’re singing the worker’s morning blues


If you don’t feel nice in your shoes

You get to sing the worker’s morning blues

If you think you ain’t born to lose

You’re feeling the worker’s morning Blues

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"La vie sans musique est tout simplement une erreur, une fatigue, un exil." - Friedrich Nietzsche